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Problems Hearing Audio/Not Seeing The Video

If the webcast just started we often get asked to delay the broadcast by a few minutes due to unforeseen delays onsite due to traffic etc. If you still don't get any picture or or hear any audio after 5 minutes into the event, something might be wrong.

  1. Check your audio settings and volume. Make sure your speaker/headphones are plugged in. (You can also confirm that everything is connected properly and volume loud enough but playing back other media on your computer using a media player like iTunes , VLC or a music CD)
  2. If the Player doesn't appear at all or is just playing audio or video and not the other, it might be that you have to reinstall Flash Player. Open this URL in your browser. Download the player and proceed to install. After installation, restart your computer and visit the webcast page again.

If you are trying to view the webcast from the office/corporate network
Firewalls and PC protection software can sometimes block your PC from receiving internet streams. You may need to open additional ports in your firewall to enjoy streamed content. Our streams runs RTMP traffic over port 1935. Please pass this info to you IT department to assist.

Still not working?

Antfarm extensively tests our video streams on a large number of computer system configurations. However, there are cases in which users are not able to watch the webcast because of PC system configuration issues or the quality of the Internet connection. If you are still experiencing problems after trying the solutions above, we recommend that you take a screenshot of the problem (Press the “Prnt Scr” button and paste into email) and mail it, along with the URL you used for the webcast, to [email protected] 
You can also come back tomorrow to watch the entire webcast at the same URL (and login details) used for the live event.

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